the next big decision


The deep sense of exultation and celebration and relief that I feel is seriously off the charts! I am so, so thankful.

Radiation has been a different beast than chemo for sure. Looking back over both, chemo was much more grueling physically: dark days of sludge and malaise and nausea and exhaustion and overwhelm. I often felt like I was in a tunnel, and the days passed slowly with the end seeming so far out of sight. Read more

brain MRI’s are scary

I have been in a groove, moving through radiation every morning, then jumping in to the daily groove of juggling the many balls that is my life. I have been eyeing the end date of radiation, counting down, and thinking through next steps to finish out conventional treatment.

I decided to keep my appointment with my local oncologist last week, which typically precedes the next day’s infusion of herceptin Read more