The middle ground

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An article made the rounds on social media this week, especially in my alternative healing circles. Its headline made a sweeping generalization about deficiencies in chemotherapy and the article stirred up heated discussions all over social media.

I dove into the article (because the subject hits close to home for my treatment choices, especially) to learn more about the author’s perspective. I also sought counsel from those who understand these types of studies, I researched … and I learned.

I remembered again, with more clarity than ever deep in my heart and soul, that each of us are uniquely created and designed. There is a vast universe of healing choices and tools — some of which are great for some people, and some that are not.

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My Breast Cancer Healing & Prevention Protocol – Part 1

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I received an insightful question from a sweet friend recently, and my mind has been full of thoughts and ideas that I want to share with her.

I have been curious for a while, if/what has changed for you regarding your own perspective about [potential] factors you think contribute to developing breast cancer? I know you’ve read and read. I just never asked because I didn’t know if that was insensitive. Are there any other things you have stopped doing (or started doing) to proactively maintain your health that you would want to share?

Such a great (and daunting) question!

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