a friend to me

Post 3 detox bath



As i soaked in the bath tonight, something changed.

I looked over my body and felt a wave of grace; an overwhelming sense of compassion and appreciation and empathy for this body and all that it has endured and walked through in a year

Instead of my eyes seeing faults and imperfections; instead of staying in a place of disappointment at how far I haven’t yet come or how my body isn’t where I want it to be …

I felt almost like a friend to me, seeing me …

realizing – in the past year, this body has nursed a toddler, undergone surgeries, endured heavy chemo, more surgery, radiation.

And I am here, and I am well, and I feel nothing but overwhelming grace

as if I was seeing a friend that I loved so deeply, I saw me

my body

and the tightness lifted

the pressure felt like it floated away

and I knew:

it’s ok.

This path of healing has zig zags and dips and bends

and like a fighter after a bloody victorious battle,

I carry wounds. and those don’t heal overnight.

But I am healing.

And tonight

I felt like I gave myself the warmest gentlest hug.

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