counting the loss or the gains?

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It was after 8 pm the other night, and a snack sounded really good.  Nothing unhealthy, necessarily, but something to munch on.

And in that moment, I remembered my plan and the “loss” seemed small compare to the great gain I was choosing.

One of the most urgent recommendations from my integrated oncologist, during our phone appointment last week, was that I should not eat (a single calorie!) three hours leading up until bed, and for  13 hours total overnight.

She explained the reasons, having to do with circadian rhythms and pituitary function and insulin and melatonin and all the things that resonate with the extensive research that I’ve done.

The overnight fasting for 13 hours has been something I’ve been practicing for many months and feels like a very doable. Our bodies aren’t meant to be constantly working, digesting and processing nonstop food consumption! They need time to heal and build and repair. This overnight fasting has been fine.

Changing the habit of snacking in the evening will take a little time but it’s absolutely doable! It is exciting to make changes that just make sense. In fact, over the years, I’ve had this very conversation with a few different girlfriends and a couple of us have even made pacts to stop eating after dinner – on an intuitive level, it just makes sense.

Onward, healing!

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