Give yourself time!


Oh, these words … a balm to heart and mind yesterday.

I spoke on the phone with my cherished and wise integrated oncologist about recent lab results from an appointment with my naturopath. (According to the tests that were done, I “have” Hashimoto’s – what??)

She guided me in stepping back and analyzing the results within the context of the treatment that I’d participated in during 2016. We discussed at length some of the specific mechanisms of treatment that I’d received, and their impact on my body. And then she said this,

“Remember what you’ve been through!”

She described the “poison” taken to kill the cancer, and that it takes longer than a few months for our bodies to heal from that. But “you WILL heal … it just takes time.”

From deep within, I could feel an exhale as the truth of her words sunk in to my heart.

How quickly we want to rush to feeling all better; to being back to “normal”! And while I DO feel great, and in most ways truly feel well and healed and with energy returning … I also deeply appreciate the reminder that my body did go through a crazy amount of trauma and ingested so much poison and that can’t be waved off by the wand of impatience.

Rather, I will continue with living each day walking out the steps that breathe healing and life, knowing that my efforts are beautifully spent and that my surrender and trust is also an integral piece of the picture. What I KNOW deep in my gut is that I am well; that from a place of faith (not fear), it is a gift to make decisions to wisely steward this vessel I’ve been given.

Rest, eating healing real whole foods, solid sleep, sunshine and vitamin D, healthy loving relationships, exercise … the beautiful basics.


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