listening to our bodies

“You’ll get really good at listening to your body.”

those words shared from the kind and gentle heart of my acupuncturist last spring, early in my journey, continue to echo in my  mind.

And she was right.

I realized last week that I have greater clarity, greater certainty about my body – what it needs, what it’s calling for, what is or is not a wise healing choice – than ever before. And that awareness is growing. I have far to go but will spend my days growing in this awareness of … this peace within this body of mine.

I woke up Friday morning early with a scratchy sore throat. I knew immediately that it would be unwise to go to radiation that morning; that my body was facing either succumbing to this illness my boys had been hit with earlier in the week, or overcoming it. After going to radiation the previous four days, i knew this day would likely be a deal-breaker, just too much for my body.

So I called and cancelled, with not one ounce of question. (Their response – that after consulting with the doctor, they would approve my absence this time, as long as I didn’t make a habit of it- that’s a whole other story … *wink* !)

I think of a million times that my body has spoken to me and I didn’t recognize what it was telling me; didn’t heed the nudge, or welcome the intuition.

It feels so empowering to be growing in understanding of the many beautiful miraculous ways our bodies operate! And how connected my mind, my body, my spirit … truly are.

“Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex! your workmanship is marvelous – how well i know it.” psalm 139:14

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