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I was just reminded how deeply refreshing my yoga practice can be.

In the midst of the late afternoon hustle at home and feeling scattered and unsettled, I decided to tuck away in my room and do the yoga that I’ve been putting on the back burner all week.

I’m so glad that I did.

As I moved through the motions, the fresh spring air from the opened windows blew in, and I was literally serenaded with the songs of the sweet birds outside my window.

I could feel myself slowing and following my breath, exhaling the heaviness in my spirit and exchanging it for lightness and calm. I cleared the canvas of my mind and settled in to truly being in my breath and in my body … seeing and feeling wellness and strength.

When i stumbled across a book at the bookstore last spring: “Yoga for Cancer,” I knew it was one that I needed to take home.

I’ve always admired those that do yoga, and have even tried a couple of classes over the years, but never really embraced a practice.

And now, as I look back over this past year of my yoga practice,  I know for sure that there is nothing out-of-reach or magical about it; no reason to think that it’s something only others with some special skill or talent can practice.

In fact, it is simply me being ME … fully,  with deep breath and gentle movement and the joy of stretching and feeling my breath deep within my body and seeing healing unfold.

These are the basics of my routine:

  • Supervision of little boys delegated 🙂
  • Retreat to my bedroom
  • Pandora tuned in to “Calm Meditation” station
  • Blinds and window open to fresh air
  • Yoga mat unrolled and a routine selected from the book (lately, I’ve loved one called “Gaining Strength”)

I modify the routine as needed and never stress about doing the exact number of repetitions. I have yet to attempt more advanced poses but I can see going there soon and for now, am loving gaining strength and experiencing the incredible calm and restoration that comes each time.

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