The steady march of excruciatingly difficult decisions



From the first moment after The Call came on January 8, 2016  – after I caught my breath and for every breath I’ve taken since, I’ve known for sure: this is my body and my healing path that I will walk out.  I will need to study and pray and seek and learn and be stretched and be torn and seek second and third opinions and ultimately, I will have to

make the hard decision.

I can look back over the last fifteen months and see, as if with mile markers in the road, the extraordinarily difficult decisions I made. Each one was a pivot, that shifted the course of my treatment and my life.

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the next big decision


The deep sense of exultation and celebration and relief that I feel is seriously off the charts! I am so, so thankful.

Radiation has been a different beast than chemo for sure. Looking back over both, chemo was much more grueling physically: dark days of sludge and malaise and nausea and exhaustion and overwhelm. I often felt like I was in a tunnel, and the days passed slowly with the end seeming so far out of sight. Read more