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An article made the rounds on social media this week, especially in my alternative healing circles. Its headline made a sweeping generalization about deficiencies in chemotherapy and the article stirred up heated discussions all over social media.

I dove into the article (because the subject hits close to home for my treatment choices, especially) to learn more about the author’s perspective. I also sought counsel from those who understand these types of studies, I researched … and I learned.

I remembered again, with more clarity than ever deep in my heart and soul, that each of us are uniquely created and designed. There is a vast universe of healing choices and tools — some of which are great for some people, and some that are not.

There are those on the far “alternative” cancer healing end of the spectrum, who punctuate their discussions of conventional choices, like chemotherapy and radiation, with words like “never” and “horrible,” and emphatically refuse to consider those options for themselves and also criticizing those who do.

There are those on the other end of the spectrum who hold to a conventional, mainstream medical model perspective; many on this polar opposite position view alternative choices with equal disdain.

What I’ve found, and continue to know for sure, is that there are needful, incredible healing choices on *both* ends … and in between.

Identifying the choices that are the very best for me doesn’t feel like floating with the current downstream to one ideological lagoon or another; rather, it feels like swimming upstream in both rivers. Each choice is extremely effortful and requires ongoing exploration, openness, and personal due diligence.

I have experienced extraordinary blessing and radical healing by carefully and prayerfully deciding on tools that are considered conventional (chemotherapy, lumpectomy and radiation) and alternative (radical diet changes, supplements, sauna, detox, acupuncture, meditation and yoga, mind/body work, and more).

And I am ever grateful for the abundance of choices and tools that we have available. I  am still on my journey, learning more every day!

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